GoClickGo Marketing Inc.

GoClickGo Marketing is a corporation affiliated with multiple companies worldwide. Our primary industry is Internet based advertising. We promote products and services on behalf of respective merchants. We put an accent on brand promotion and protection, and aim for long term relationships.

Serving The World

Since 2004 our company has been committed to the success in online advertising using proven methods to achieve the top in Internet based advertising of any type of product or service. We have been serving both sellers and buyers all over The World with the highest rate of satisfaction.

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Our Services

Inside the affiliate part of its business, GoClickGo Marketing utilizes major categories of Internet based (online) advertising like PPC (pay per click/paid search), and organic search (search engine optimization, SEO). We use techniques involving both direct linking from paid search ads to your website, or through our websites. In addition, still as a part of our affiliate based activity, we do brand protection in a way that diminishes the intrusion effect caused by your competitors showing in paid search space. Brand protection can be complemented by brand awareness increase service, too. Feel free to contact us about details.

Our Partners

Over the time, GoClickGo Marketing has partnered with various companies in various industries, learning that flexibility plays a big role in a successful partnership. From relations with merchants through affiliate networks across the world, to our direct relationships with our partners, we have built a reputation of a trustworthy and reliable partner that does not let its companions down. “Honest” is our first, and ”Commitment” our second name. By being able to recognize a value in your business, we are always a step further in front of others. All this would not be possible without our strong relations with the main source of online business, search engines. GoClickGo Marketing is proud to be taking a serious part in Google AdWords, Yahoo! Sponsored Search and Microsoft adCenter, Internet search leaders. Our superior knowledge, combined with the great support from those online giants, guaranties one thing only, a SUCCESS.


If you have any questions regarding our services, you can contact us by e-mail (info AT goclickgo.net), and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!